Ham with Mustard!

We have some very exciting news for anyone who is going to be at the Edinburgh Fringe.
We’re stepping out of cyberspace and onto your beer-puddled pub table. FringePig is going HARD COPY.

Yes, we’re going to be tangible. Holdable. Huggable. Browsable. Trouserable. Approachable and roachable (better not actually, it’s coated gloss).

Having spent three years producing an online Fringe magazine with his stuffed toys, Liam Mullone has joined forces with Alex Musson, editor of the much-loved comedy magazine Mustard. Those of you who know FringePig will be au fait with its sarcasm, mudslinging and talent for winding up journalists at the Scotsman.

And those who remember Mustard will recall its beautiful design, glorious cartoons and comedy instincts as cutting-edge as the CERN Reactor. So what happens when these two disparate things are smashed together? We get something so ineffably shit hot and energetic and unstable that it may eventually rip apart the universe. And you can fan your face, or mop up spilt beer with it.

FringePig will be very different to the other publications you see lying around in August. You’ll actually want to read this one, and not just because it has sent some spotty twat to review you.

Because it WON’T have sent a spotty twat to review you. No! We won’t review anything, except of course the occasional comedy reviewer. Our one policy is to never tell any comedian that they’re bad at making art. We will, however, be celebrating everything we love about Fringe comedy while taking the piss out of the people who run the city, and the Fringe, and this one irrecoverable month of all our short lives, so hilariously badly.

So welcome to the all-new FringePig, a free, wide-distribution magazine that will be the Private Eye of the Fringe. For 2016 we’re releasing two editions of our magazine that’ll be B5 (the same handy size as Mustard used to be), with a projected readership of 50,000.

Funny People

If you have something witty or important to say about the Fringe, and you can express it in words or pictures, then send it to us here: editor@fringepig.co.uk

Got a Fringe scoop? Tweet us @fringepig. We can’t give you any money because we’ve given it all to the printers. But anything we print will include a plug for your show.

Performers and Producers

If you want to advertise in a Fringe rag that’s all about enjoying the chaos and experimentation of the Fringe rather than doorstepping award winners and releasing clouds of farty critique, then we are SO for you. Contact Paul Savage: sales@fringepig.co.uk or call him on 07821 267756.

We’ll give you a great rate for an advert and you’ll be helping to keep a good thing afloat.


Ham Fist Award

Last year we gave a cash prize to the recipient of the worst Fringe comedy review. And we’re doing it again! Having spent all our money, we’re taking contributions from the public. The Ham Fist is a great way to end the Fringe, and it keeps reviewers on their toes. Plus it’s excellent solace to those who get risible reviews. All contributions, however piffling, are welcome and we thank you from the depths of our piggy hearts.

Contribute here

Many thanks,

The FringePig team