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Well Hello,

Have you noticed how – despite it being the FRINGE’s 70th birthday too – it’s only the Festival that’s having a party? All those banners and billboards of yellow and black; billowing with Hegelian intent? You’d think it was just their time, not ours. They’d roll their tanks down the street if it wasn’t for all the forms they’d need to fill.

With Standard Life conspiring with the Festival to march into St Andrew’s Square and turn it into a fluorescent paisley headache, there’s a prevailing sense that the Fringe Society’s ‘Alliance of Defiance’ is more like the Big Fix of the Big Dicks. Ever get the feeling you’ve been cheated?

Our high point was last year: our biggest ever, 69er year. We’ve shrunk since then, and the signs are we’ll diminish more. The FFS would have us believe that what was ‘defied’ in 1947 was some nebulous notion of exclusion. It wasn’t: It was the people with the money and the Town Hall’s elbows. Maybe we need to defy them again?


A K Kipper, Publisher and stuffed elephant

August 5, 2017