Welcome to Fringepig


Well Hello,

Fringe 2016 is dead and gone, and we are in the interfringial dead time. In 2016 Fringepig launched its first printed copies, distributing 20,000 copies and two editions over the course of the Fringe.

For 2017, providing the Trumpocalypse hasn’t got underway yet, we intend to distribute three editions – one for each week of the Fringe And we’ll have more up-to-the-minute stuff as well as the usual pisstaking, cartoons and satire. If you are into writing, drawing or design and you’d like to be a part of Fringepig 2017 just get in touch. We’re contactable through this website, via Facebook or on Twitter. If you’d like to advertise with us this year, contact sales@fringepig. You can also call Martin directly on 07399 689004. It’s early doors yet; we’ll update the page soon with rates and details. Suffice to say we cost a fraction of the likes of Fest and Three Weeks, and our reach is just as wide. Plus, people actually read Fringepig. It’s full of deep, dark and delicious Fringey stuff.

We intend to be the best publication of the festival season and the ONLY one that is on the side of performers AND the paying public; always recommending, never reviewing.


Pip pip!

A K Kipper, Publisher and stuffed elephant

January 7, 2017