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Hello dear people,


The Edinburgh Fringe is fast approaching and hopefully you’re planning to be part of it.

If so, you’ll be busy – so I’ll be brief!

Here’s what I think you should do (and obviously I am biased. And a stuffed elephant):

Advertise with Fringepig

Fringepig has the best coverage of any magazine at the Fringe, with distribution bins at every major and medium venue and by-hand distribution across the city. Fringepig is the only Fringe zine that puts copies in every pub, hostel, hotel, café, tattoo parlour – you name it, we’re there. We print 10,000 copies of each edition.

Fringepig is about open access for everyone, so we keep our ad rates as low as possible. We have some great partners who have stayed with us every year. This year you can get a beautiful quarter page ad in either edition for just £150, or both editions for £240. And if you let us interview you about your show (see below!), these prices drop to £120 and £199 respectively. You won’t find cheaper and you’ll be supporting the Fringe’s ONLY independent publication. To talk to us about advertising, call 0131 357 0366 or visit


Fill out our online interview

Last year Fringepig published 272 interviews with performers, giving a great platform to acts that might not otherwise get a lot of promotion. Other Fringe media charge to publish interviews; we will NEVER do that. We need your input and your opinion on comedy; they help inform the articles we write (see below!) The best and funniest answers will feature in the magazine and should draw attention to your show. To do an interview, just click the button!


Be a contributor!

Do you have a new take on anything to do with comedy, theatre, the Fringe or the way this insane industry works? Fringepig welcomes all comers: if it’s funny and incisive then we’ll print it. We’re always looking out for cartoons too. A funny or well-informed article in Fringepig is a great way to promote your show – we’ll slug the piece with your full show details. We don’t normally pay for slugged pieces but if you’ve got something really good, that’s of general interest, we pay up to £150. If you have an idea, send it to

Wishing you all the best with your creative plans,


A K Kipper, Publisher and stuffed elephant



Paul Mitchell

Paul Mitchell

Jane Beeston

Jane Beeston

Yasmin Hackett

Yasmin Hackett

Ariane Branigan

Ariane Branigan


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