Meet The Fringepig Team...Business Leopard

Business Leopard once worked as a stuffed toy tax inspector; a demanding job since stuffed toys are unaccustomed to paying taxes and don’t really have much understanding of currency.

Business Leopard has a large safe that’s full of stuffing, googly eyes, felt noses and various arms and legs taken from deadbeats and defaulters. The judicious foreclosure on limbs and appendages propelled his unproductive corner of the nursery back to profit in just three months.

Business Leopard takes a similarly hard line in his position of reviewer-reviewer: No rookie critic, scribbling spidery notes at the back of a dark room, wants the no-nonsense Business Leopard looking over his shoulder.

Reviews filed by Business Leopard

Paul Mitchell

Paul Mitchell gives his readers the unusual feeling that he is trying very hard to explain what’s going on onstage, ...
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Lynne Geoff

Lynne is the latest of the Geoff family, who are sort of like that family in The Hills Have Eyes, ...
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Rowena McIntosh

Reading a Rowena McIntosh review is a bit like seeing a social worker or a psychologist who you’re relying on ...
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Martin Gray

When you work at the Scotsman, I guess, you don’t feel you need to impress anyone. I mean sure, the ...
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Polly Glynn

“There are a few lyrical clangers,” says Polly Glynn of Gareth Richards… and it’s a charge that might be made ...
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Kate Wilkinson

Kate Wilkinson gets the reviewing lark right, on the whole, with a nice balance between exposition and commentary. Her style ...
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Cara McNamara

This year The Skinny has taken to packing shows together for review, which may be new editor Ben Venables' way ...
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Marni Appleton

Marni Appleton isn't a terrible reviewer - let's be clear about that. She lays out very clearly what the viewer ...
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