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Wrigley Worm is the only one of us with the patience to look through the whole Fringe Programme. I mean, if anyone could be bothered ACTUALLY READING the Fringe programme then all the PR people would be out of business tomorrow wouldn’t they? And WHY read the Fringe programme when PRs will quite happily just send us a list of all the people they’ve got in there, stapled to a REALLY BIG bag of chocolate buttons? (NOTE: Anything without chocolate buttons goes in the bin).

But for some reason best known to his psychoanalyst, Wrigley reads the whole damn brochure. Even the cabaret section. Even the ‘spoken word’ bit, which is a section for people who have learned how to talk but not how to make it rhyme, or be funny, or go with music or other people.

Anyway, Wrigley… he knows the brochure. You could ask him who’s on George Square Assembly right now and he’ll tell you. Go on, ask him! He says it’s someone who used to be at the Stand but now has ideas way above their station. His powers are just eerie.

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