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Edinburgh’s own Derwent Cyzinski Derwent is one of our best writers. He’s also a performance poet; a veteran of more than 300 poetry slams plus several of the more violent poetry splats. He won national acclaim with his poem Why Is Every Other Poet A Cat-Obsessed Feminist With Nothing To Say About Feminism Except Cats? and Oh Good Another Poem Where You Look Really Clever And Some Bloke Looks Like A Prick, each of these winning the prestigious Bumgartner Award in 2006 and 2008.

He was, however, asked to give up the chair of the Hampstead and Highgate Poetry Circle when he published his epic thousand-line elegy on performance art, Why Does Nobody Even Bring Any Fucking Biscuits?

At the moment Derwent is in the middle of constructing a 2000-piece Airfix model of Michael Legge which, when finished, will take pride of place in the fountain of the London School For Very Unlucky Children. He has lost a bit of the left inner thigh under the fridge and, while he waits for someone to move the appliance sometime in early September, he’s writing for Fringepig.


Reviews filed by Derwent Cyzinski

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Matthew Sharpe

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Will Pope

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