Meet The Fringepig Team...James Hingley

James Hingley, sound man and web designer for the top flight comedians of Britain, met Liam Mullone at a party. Not a fashionable party; the sort of party where you have to do drugs off a dead body because the flat surfaces are all too filthy. “I know about computers”, said James. Liam was rapt with awe, as he has always been unable to distinguish between the words ‘computers’ and ‘magic’. “Alright Harry Potter, you’re hired!” he slurred at the confused web impressario.

James has worked for Fringepig ever since, and has overseen such grand projects as the Fringepig web design, the Fringepig web redesign, the Fringepig web re-redesign and the Fringepig reminding the editor what his password is. This last project is still ongoing.

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