Meet The Fringepig Team...Billy Coconuts

Unemployed postgrad Billy Coconuts was the sort of reviewer-reviewer who signs up for the job brimming with enthusiasm.

Then, a few days into the Reviewer Fringe, he was always huffing and tutting and snorting and turning up glue-eyed to review the reviewers halfway though their review, while talking on his phone and eating a stovie.

Now he’s done a bit of celeb reviewing and thinks he should get a Pullitzer or something.

If you’re a reviewer, Billy may not read all your reviews before forming an unimpeachable opinion of your talents. In fact, he may only read one sentence before going back to bed, but he’s sure you can pretty much assess a person’s whole life and character by one small thing they once did or said and, anyway, he was in a band once that didn’t really get anywhere.

So you can hardly blame him for having a chip on his shoulder, or believing that everyone except him is a dick.

Reviews filed by Billy Coconuts

Jane Beeston

“Words, words, words – Jane has always been obsessed with them, those written, spoken and performed!” So begins Jane Beeston’s ...
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Yasmin Hackett

Yasmin Hackett is not the most entertaining reviewer. There is something to be said for just turning up and saying ...
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Frodo Allan

You know that bit in the Fisher King… (yes I know nobody watches the serious Robin Williams films anymore but ...
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Eva Hibbs

We were beginning to think that the art of the reviewer brainfart was passed, so thank all that’s holy for ...
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Mark Parker

As ever when venturing into the undergrowth of Mumbledonia, we have to ask ourselves “Is this a real person, or ...
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Simon Fearn

Reading a Simon Fearn review puts one in mind of one of those QVC infomercials where they have 20 minutes ...
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Alun Evans

At first it seems that Alun Evans' reviews are not very good. They seem like very matter-of-fact, unexceptional and literal ...
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Sarah Gough

I’m sure that, if I could get over the pony club tone to Sarah Gough’s reviews, I’d find her to ...
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