Meet The Fringepig Team...Marigold Bumbellina Froome

Marigold Bumbellina Froome is a mature student at the Saint Littleted Technical College in Toytown.

She is making up for lost time, trying to build a new life full of art and colour and culture after escaping from an unhappy 20-year marriage to a demobbed Action Man with a melted hand.

She sees reviewer-reviewing as her way in with the much younger, cooler toys, and is never happier than when she is in the thick of it, with her Fringe Pig pass round her neck, enjoying unfettered access to all the reviewers at the Fringe.

Sadly the younger toys laugh at her for using strange, outmoded words like ‘CD player’, ‘Moulinex’, ‘mix tape’, ‘individualism’ and ‘privacy’.

Reviews filed by Marigold Bumbellina Froome

Louise Jones

Louise Jones could do with reading over her work and tightening things up a bit. She uses the word 'conceit' ...
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Dave House

Sometimes you just want to tell Dave House not to get so overexcited. Sophie Willian: Novice Detective is “about as ...
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Graeme Connelly

Graeme Connelly doesn’t really know what sentences are supposed to do. Every time he begins one he has no idea ...
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Sharon Geoff

Sharon Geoff is not really called Sharon Geoff but, since we’ve long since given up trying to suss out the ...
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Peter Edwards

So few reviewers these days write reviews that are, consistently, just the right length. Peter Edwards is one of the ...
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Heather McDaid

Heather McDaid writes reasonably well. This is faint praise of course, but I’m guessing she is very young - many ...
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Grace Brennan

One thing I’ll guarantee you: You won’t read a Grace Brennan review and then rush out to buy a ticket ...
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Madeleine Ash

I must say I was a little annoyed by Madeleine Ash complaining about “the endless stream of stand-ups that swarm ...
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