Meet The Fringepig Team...Marigold Bumbellina Froome

Marigold Bumbellina Froome is a mature student at the Saint Littleted Technical College in Toytown.

She is making up for lost time, trying to build a new life full of art and colour and culture after escaping from an unhappy 20-year marriage to a demobbed Action Man with a melted hand.

She sees reviewer-reviewing as her way in with the much younger, cooler toys, and is never happier than when she is in the thick of it, with her Fringe Pig pass round her neck, enjoying unfettered access to all the reviewers at the Fringe.

Sadly the younger toys laugh at her for using strange, outmoded words like ‘CD player’, ‘Moulinex’, ‘mix tape’, ‘individualism’ and ‘privacy’.

Reviews filed by Marigold Bumbellina Froome

Kyung Oh

“It’s a confusing thing, when someone you want to like tells you he’s a serial adulterer” says Kyung of Will ...
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Melissa Lawford

Melissa Lawford uses the words ‘moreover’ and ultimately’ far too much in her reviews, so I’m going to overuse them ...
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Alanta Colley

Alanta Colley is photographed for Broadway Baby pretending to shoot a pigeon that is hovering just above her head. Nothing ...
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Emma Banks

Emma Banks is a well-meaning reviewer, but her energy and nervousness sometimes get the better of her. Her problem is ...
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Christopher Spring

Christopher Spring writes clumsily, almost as if he’s trying to write his reviews on a postcard with a crayon the ...
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Andy Leask

I wasn’t sure what to make of Andy Leask. I was aware that he was wont to be rather cruel ...
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Elaine Reid

Elaine Reid is a very capable reviewer. Her one fault is an imagined conversation with the reader which can become ...
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Clare Dolan

“Tears of laughter will merge with tears of fear,” says Clare Dolan about Dayne Rathbone. Tears of Fear? Has anyone ...
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