Meet The Fringepig Team...Business Leopard

Business Leopard once worked as a stuffed toy tax inspector; a demanding job since stuffed toys are unaccustomed to paying taxes and don’t really have much understanding of currency.

Business Leopard has a large safe that’s full of stuffing, googly eyes, felt noses and various arms and legs taken from deadbeats and defaulters. The judicious foreclosure on limbs and appendages propelled his unproductive corner of the nursery back to profit in just three months.

Business Leopard takes a similarly hard line in his position of reviewer-reviewer: No rookie critic, scribbling spidery notes at the back of a dark room, wants the no-nonsense Business Leopard looking over his shoulder.

Reviews filed by Business Leopard

Tony Makos

Tony Makos approaches reviewing with the right attitude. He opines that Nadia Kamil’s first solo hour “is all over the ...
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Vonny Moyes

Vonny Moyes isn’t a bad reviewer. In fact she could be great. Reviewing is not, of course, anything that greatly ...
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Polly Davidson

When Polly Davidson says that “At least [Tony Law] is definitely funny”, she pays him scant credit. This is the ...
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Jennifer McKiernan

Jennifer McKiernan writes short, concise reviews that pretty much get to the point and reach conclusions that are, in the ...
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Jay Richardson

Jay Richardson writes for everyone who matters at the Fringe, and others that don’t particularly. The two things that define ...
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Frances Greenfield

Frances Greenfield gives almost everything four stars, almost as if she doesn’t want to get on anyone’s bad side. Her ...
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Fred Fletch

I doubt that anyone else out there has read as much Fred Fletch as I have, for the simple reason ...
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Becca Gill

Becca Gill wrote only one review for Gigglebeats this year, choosing a PBH Free Fringe Show at Cabaret Voltaire. Fringe ...
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