Michaela Plaidface

Michaela-PlaidfaceSometimes, when people say to Michaela “Michaela, are you sure this reviewer-review is fair?” she will scream “FAIR? Has God been FAIR to me??? Look at my fucking FACE!”

Michaela wasn’t always called Michaela, you see. Three years ago she was a young male stuffed toy called Saul Tarsus Bear, and as such had happily accepted an invitation to review comedy for Chortle while Julia Chamberlain was being questioned about a stabbing.

But on the long road to Edinburgh Saul was hit by the blinding light of Lord Comedy, and heard a booming, heckling voice ask him: “Oh Saul, why do you persecute me?”

When his sight recovered, Saul realised that his face was now made out of Kurt Cobain’s shirt, the one he wore on The Word that time when he said that Courtney Love was a great fuck. And his eyes were mismatched buttons, and his man parts had dropped off and turned into a notepad and pen. And the Lord Comedy saith unto this creature: “Take up your pad and pen, and seek ye deliverance for all those who suffer in my name.”

And so the world gained Michaela Plaidface, who has vowed always to write on the side of goodness, mercy and comedy. And DON’T tell her what is or isn’t fair.