Billy Coconuts

billy-coconutsUnemployed postgrad Billy Coconuts is the sort of reviewer-reviewer who signs up for the job brimming with enthusiasm.

Then, a few days into the Reviewer Fringe, he’s all huffing and tutting and snorting and turning up glue-eyed to review the reviewers halfway though their review, while talking on his phone and eating a stovie.

Billy Coconuts may not read all your reviews before forming an unimpeachable opinion of your talents. In fact, he may only read one sentence before going back to bed, but he’s sure you can pretty much assess a person’s whole life and character by one small thing they once did or said and, anyway, he was in a band once that didn’t really get anywhere.

So you can hardly blame him for having a chip on his shoulder, or believing that everyone except him is a dick.