Meet The Fringepig Team...Mister Kipper

Mister Kipper is Fringepig’s publisher and voice of reason.

Early in the morning Mister Kipper will be in the office, adding swine-points to scathing reviews and changing the word ‘cunt’ to ‘regrettable fellow’.

For Mister Kipper, journalistic balance in our articles is paramount and the job of reviewer reviewing is a noble one done for the public good. Whenever someone asks him “Who made you the king of everything?” he replies “God did”. He’s not even joking. Mr Kipper has frequent ecstatic visions.

As our publisher and benefactor, Mister Kipper tries to keep the others in line.
But he can’t be everywhere.

If Mister Kipper wrote all the reviews this website would be quite boring.

Reviews filed by Mister Kipper

Mairi McNicol

Mairi McNicol is careful to wrap her reviewer’s cosh in velvet. “If this sounds like your sort of thing,” she ...
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Lucy Hoggan

Last year, when Broadway Baby allowed writers to construct their own headlines, Lucy Hoggan ran loose with this freedom. “Time ...
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Julian Hall

Julian Hall is kept busy by The Independent - which these days is about as popular as the Russians, who own ...
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Kayleigh Head

It’s hard to dislike Kayleigh Head’s reviews. They’re full of life and energy, and, you know... yoof. She seems to ...
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Lauren Humphreys

Lauren Humphreys is just very, very good at the reviewing lark. The only things missing from her output are, frankly, ...
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Andrew Latimer

It is a characteristic of Fest that a show such as George Ryegold can be described as ‘explosive’ - as ...
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Andrew Pollard

“Serene, easy-going… delightful in a mellow, ticklish way… Delicate and exceptionally dry, occasionally reaching a curious threshold somewhere between amusement ...
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Jonny Ensall

Jonny Ensall offers not so much a critique of what he sees as a contemplation. Over 500 words or more ...
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