Kayleigh Head (THREE WEEKS)

It’s hard to dislike Kayleigh Head’s reviews. They’re full of life and energy, and, you know… yoof.

She seems to enjoy reviewing, and this shines through in her prose. She may occasionally get over-enthused and say something confusing. Catherine Semark, apparently, talks about “our international obsession with drawing the cock and balls symbol”. I think I know what you mean, but I’d like to be sure. It sounds important. Similarly, Rory O’Hanlon “makes no attempt to shake off his self-confessed, stereotypically Irish appearance”. Dammit man, make an effort! I don’t mind people being Irish, but they could at least give their appearance a shake.

One gets the feeling that the mealy 120 words allowed in a Three Weeks review cannot contain Head’s enthusiasm. Apparently she was “particularly keen to witness a raw dose of comical craziness this summer” and “drinks an excess of coffee”. Yes, this shows. Still, better this sort of ker-ay-zee ebullience than the seen-it-all drawl we get from many of the bright-eyed youth that are Ms Head’s peers.

Mister Kipper

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