Meet The Fringepig Team...Mister Kipper

Mister Kipper is Fringepig’s publisher and voice of reason.

Early in the morning Mister Kipper will be in the office, adding swine-points to scathing reviews and changing the word ‘cunt’ to ‘regrettable fellow’.

For Mister Kipper, journalistic balance in our articles is paramount and the job of reviewer reviewing is a noble one done for the public good. Whenever someone asks him “Who made you the king of everything?” he replies “God did”. He’s not even joking. Mr Kipper has frequent ecstatic visions.

As our publisher and benefactor, Mister Kipper tries to keep the others in line.
But he can’t be everywhere.

If Mister Kipper wrote all the reviews this website would be quite boring.

Reviews filed by Mister Kipper

Beth Cochrane

In her accompanying photo, Beth Cochrane tries hard to look like Kathy Bates in Misery, but her reviews aren’t entirely ...

Brian Donaldson

Brian Donaldson is Comedy editor at The List and reporter at large for The Scotsman. Apart from his Fringe duties ...

Suzanne Black

Suzanne Black supplied a lot of The List’s reviews this year, which is to the magazine’s credit. Unusually for a ...

Stuart McKenzie

Stuart McKenzie isn’t a bad writer, but his prose is a bit tatty and some of his statements could do ...

Nione Meakin

In 2008 Meakin reviewed Rob Deb’s The Dork Knight Returns, giving it one star. In 2009 she reviewed Rob Deb’s ...

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