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Becky Walker’s Panda first became interested in comedy in 2005 when he organised a benefit in support of stuffed toy bell’s palsy, of which he is a lifelong sufferer.

Encouraged by his success, he began organising stuffed toy comedy nights for a range of charities including the battered stuffed toy shelter and a Turning Point centre for stuffed toy prostitutes.

One of these nights was visited by a reviewer from the Toytown Sentinel, who, unimpressed by the lovely time everyone in the room was having, poured invective over the evening.

Determined that reviewers should be held to account, Becky Walker’s Panda devoted himself to reviewer reviewing.

Becky Walker’s Panda belongs to Becky Walker, although Becky Walker sometimes calls herself Becky Walker’s Panda’s Person to show that the hierarchy of the relationship is entirely liquid. He once went out with Packet Panda, but the relationship broke down when they were told they could never have children unless she got out of her packet; something she was not prepared to do.

Becky Walker’s Panda likes reviewers who have “a sense of perspective; who realise that comedy is important but that their role in it is relatively minor. Only with humility can true wisdom be granted, as said by the Buddha. Or was it Les Dennis? It was either Buddha or Les Dennis.”

His nightclub name is Kobalt Strangelove.

Reviews filed by Becky Walker’s Panda

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John-Paul Stephenson

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