Miles Fielder (THE LIST / THE HERALD)

There’s very little to criticise in Miles Fielder’s writing style. It is adult, sober and fluid. The sentences are tight, the adjectives well chosen. He writes with rhythm. In fact you actually feel a sense of loss for not seeing some of the shows he recommends, because it sounds like advice from someone  you’d be inclined to agree with.

To make a review personal, without putting yourself in the midst of it, is a rather rare talent, achieved by what seems to be a genuine store of background knowledge.

When discussing Shit Faced Shakespeare, for example, he knows which actors have had a stab at playing Benedick from Much Ado About Nothing on the big stage. When discussing John Lloyd’s Meaning of Liff, he remembers to tell us what, and where, Liff is. It’s little things like this that make a difference and tell you that a writer is using the tip of their talents.

Even when examining something he dislikes, Fielder does at least have the grace to find fertility in the horse manure.

Mister Kipper

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