Kate Copstick July 17th, 2014 by

What would The Scotsman’s Fringe coverage be without Kate Copstick’s Fringe Diary? Nowhere much. The Scotsman that The Scotsman is written for is something between a grumpy Presbyterian minister and a right-on civil servant; Copstick’s bawdy reportage is the only thing that keeps the national ink from being a killjoy at its own party. If […]

Sam Bradley July 17th, 2014 by

Sam Bradley commits some of the usual sins of the BB coterie, not least frequent slips of grammar and baggy prose. Of the Alternative Comedy Memorial Society he drones “…for the discerning comedy fans mulling over the current crop of comedians populating this year’s Fringe catalogue [continues ad infinitum]”. At one point Bradley forgets that he’s […]

Christopher Spring writes clumsily, almost as if he’s trying to write his reviews on a postcard with a crayon the size of a pillarbox. He’s funny, too. ACMS is “filled with big names like Alfie Brown and Tony Law to name but a couple”, he states, wasting 5 per cent of a 100-word review. “[Dana] […]

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