Molly Stewart August 18th, 2015 by

Molly Stewart has only reviewed two Fringe shows so far, and one of them during its preview, so apologies if we’re going off half-cock. But we are were very excited to have a Gigglebeater to reviewer-review; they don’t come around very often. Stewart is a generous reviewer, always ready to temper a comment that may […]

Lorenzo Pacitti August 4th, 2014 by

You can’t help but be drawn into Lorenzo Pacitti’s reviews. He makes no effort at all to impress us with big words or elaborate sentence structure. He never once pauses to expound on the bigger ideas that are put forward by the show he’s watching. He’s a ground-level reviewer who allows himself to get caught […]

John-Paul Stephenson had his work cut out at last year’s Fringe, where he was keeping the Gigglebeats reviewing boat afloat by himself. With that in mind he did a pretty good job all in all. Taking himself to some things that were off the beaten track, and several of the Free Fringe/Free Festival offerings, he […]

Becca Gill July 17th, 2014 by

Becca Gill wrote only one review for Gigglebeats this year, choosing a PBH Free Fringe Show at Cabaret Voltaire. Fringe Pig is always somewhat suspicious of these one-off reviewers as their solo offerings are usually acts of arrant vandalism or unmitigated praise for a mate. And we’re not saying that’s what this is, but it IS […]

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