Elaine Reid (THE SKINNY)

Elaine Reid is a very capable reviewer. Her one fault is an imagined conversation with the reader which can become a little cloying. It’s all “Yes, the show is this, but it’s also that”. And she’ll insert the caesura of “Did I mention this? Well I have now…”

But if she puts herself in the picture a little too much she can be forgiven; it’s usually to give a more personable air to her recommendations. These come across as heartfelt and genuine. Reviewing John Gordillo’s show about the over-familiarity of corporate communications, she gets into it wholeheartedly: “Remember to come back and read more of our reviews soon, we hate goodbyes!”

Her reviews are very readable and you feel inclined to trust her. She keeps a leash on her powers, and uses them for good.

Marigold Bumbellina Froome

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