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kipperlunch-450YES! YOU can win an Edinburgh Fringe lunch with FringePig editor Mister Kipper! He will even buy you a starter and a glass of wine AND provide three genuine grunts of acknowledgement. He will even feign interest in how your show is going!

Mister Kipper is a classically-trained actor, so when you tell him that a reviewer came on the ONE night it wasn’t very good, he’ll act as if it’s the first time he has ever heard such a dreadful story. It’s the perfect way to relax and unwind a bit during your hectic Fringe schedule. And all you have to do is answer one simple question: What the hell is Chortle editor Steve Bennett banging on about?

Below is a paragraph from Steve’s review of Omar Hamdi. If you can tell us what’s going on … I mean, just the general gist of it is fine… in twenty words or less, then YOU could be on your way to Favorit, or the Mosque Kitchen, or that French place with the garish tablecloths that’s not too bad in the Grassmarket… with a famous stuffed elephant picking up the tab!

Here it is. We kind of get the first sentence; after that we’re stuck:

At one point, in an attempt to square science and spirituality, Hamdi asserts in the conservation of energy basically means reincarnation – a statement that will have rationalists bristling. Elsewhere he suggests, not unreasonably, that we should make half the bankers and chief executives, scoring some easy points for being great feminist. But his follow-on assumption that this will mean and end to boom-bust economics (why?) and ‘cuddles’ is trite in the extreme.

Please title your entries “Steve Bennett Talk Like he Speak Engrish Second Ranguage”, (or something less casually racist), and send them to kipper@fringepig in the next couple of days.

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