Meet The Fringepig Team...Jemyma C. Noevil

Jemyma once tried her hand at stand up, but Brian Logan watched her debut at the Soho Theatre and called her a “fat corporate frizzy-haired fascist Tory bitch whore who has probably never even heard of Berthold Brecht.”

After five years in a deep depression eating nothing but oven chips, Jemyma decided to become a reviewer-reviewer.
Sadly she had by this time gone completely blind, which is a little-known side effect of eating nothing but oven chips, but luckily this is no handicap in the field of reviewer-reviewing. Or, indeed, reviewing.

The rest of the staff supply her with braille copies of reviews, or sometimes they just drag in the reviewers themselves: Jemyma claims to be able to know a reviewer’s character simply by reading the acne on his or her face.

Jemyma moves in mysterious ways. Some reviewers have reported getting home to find Jemyma’s chilling calling card: a frozen oven chip on their doorstep. This is a sure sign that Jemyma is reviewing them.

Reviews filed by Jemyma C. Noevil

Elspeth Rudd

I’ll be honest with you, Elspeth Rudd got my back up right from the off. “ELSPETH RUDD is currently an ...
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Frankie Goodway

Frankie Goodway seems to be given a lot of work by Broadway Baby; it’s good to see that they recognise ...
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Heather Bagnall

Reviewing the Best of Edinburgh Showcase Show, Bagnall begins: “Much like Arthur’s Seat is the bedrock of Edinburgh, comedy is ...
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Emma Obank

At one end of the reviewing spectrum is the callow youth determined to slay a comedy giant with their caustic ...
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Andrew Currums

Andrew Currums is a difficult reviewer to assess. While a great many of his conclusions seem wrong to anyone of ...
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Andy Smith

I would find it very difficult to be horrible to Andy Smith. His photo makes him look like an Aunt ...
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Tom King

Tom King writes with a confidence that’s quite rare in Broadway Baby’s many web pages; what’s rarer still is the ...
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Patricia-Ann Young

There’s no pussyfooting with Patricia-Ann Young. She likes to launch straight into the heart of the show under dissection, to ...
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