Packet Panda

packet-pandaPacket Panda hasn’t seen much of the world.

In fact, she has never been outside her own packaging as she hates the thought of decreasing in value.

She has touched nothing, done nothing, experienced nothing; seen and heard nothing except through the milky Perspex that protects and deadens her life.

Does this prevent her from having an opinion? Far from it.

In fact, it was listening to Packet Panda complain for three whole hours about connectivity issues with her new iMac Air – while never once venturing from her box to do anything about it – that convinced us she would make the PERFECT reviewer – and an even better reviewer-reviewer.

Packet Panda has all the gutsy, streetwise chops of a person who knows how to keep it fresh, and knows what the deal is, and how it ought to be done – but really doesn’t want to have to do any of it themselves.