Edmund Rumania

Edmund-RumaniaAbout 10 years ago there was a stuffed toy reviewer-reviewer called Steve Womble who made a name for himself with his uncompromising reviewer-reviews.

He once famously said that he’d rather “get a sex change, grow some ovaries, then cut them out and eat them” than have to read another of Kate Copstick’s reviews.

Womble was also a hermaphrodite bisexual, meaning that he could be unapologetically sexist to both men and women without anyone ever complaining.

Womble was Edmund Rumania’s uncle (later aunt) and also his idol. Edmund has been working hard to carry on that family legacy of being a proper dick to people without engaging with them on any level. He writes reviewer-reviews for us in between shifts at his uncle’s bailiff company.

His favourite phrase is “If you want to review people at the biggest and best arts festival on earth, you’d better not be shit at it.”