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threemags-pngFringepig issues 3&4 (August 2017) are now FULL.

We can only sell you online advertising for this year. You’ll just have to get off your arse next year, won’t you? Yes you will. We’ll leave the prices below so you can mourn what might have been.

…in print, with city-wide distribution, for as little as
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Need to be noticed without raiding the piggy bank?

The Edinburgh Fringe is the world’s largest single gathering of creative people. This year’s 70th anniversary celebrations will likely herald more comedians performing more shows than ever. A plethora of Fringe magazines and websites know how important it is for shows to stand out – and they’ll charge you through the snout for it.

Half-page Ads elsewhere (one edition)

  • Fest £675
  • Skinny £625
  • Three Weeks £500


vicar-transparentAt Fringepig we’re different.

Our Early Bird prices are still running


Your web ad will go up on receipt of the artwork and remain until the end of the Fringe.

Unlike other Fringe sites, we don’t charge by ‘impression’. You won’t lose your entire web campaign because a small child somewhere is hitting ‘refresh’ all day long.

  • Banner ad (700×200 pixels, 72 dpi) £50 Book Now
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Better reach:

Fringepig has a distribution reach and a print run comparable to the pulp titles that have been around for years. Readership in 2017 is set to exceed 100,000. Fringepig is distributed free at all the major Fringe venues.

Better engagement:

Because it’s actually funny (well, most of the time) people actually read Fringepig from cover to cover. We only print 32 pages (rather than 100-plus) so your ad will not be drowned in newsprint. We’ve been telling the truth about the Fringe since 2013 and we have a trusted niche that’s above all the hype and flannery.

Better production:

Fringepig is put together by Liam Mullone (stand-up and journalist with 20 years on Fleet Street), Alex Musson (publisher of the cult favourite Mustard magazine) and Martin Walker (On the Mic presenter and former comedy editor of Broadway Baby). Hideous and incoherent in person, these three nonetheless create the loveliest-looking and most lucid reporting on the Fringe.

Better vibes:

Fringepig was set up to have a laugh at the expense of other Fringe media, but has expanded to give all writers, artists, cartoonists, satirists and performers a voice. If you have something to say about the Fringe, Fringepig is the place to say it.



You can pay online via PayPal using the options below.
You can also pay by bank transfer (BACS) to Kipper Publishing Ltd, 93143724, 20-87-94.

Earliest payment means we’ll definitely have space for you.

Please send your artwork to

To discuss your advertising options please call Martin on ***** ****** (don’t, he’s not answering anymore)


To see what your ad will look like on the page, download 2016’s editions in pdf format here

For the dimensions you’ll need, plus the formats we accept, download our media pack.



Fringepig has changed the game for Edinburgh Fringe reviewing. Editors know there’s an ombudsman waiting to take the piss.” – Bernard O’Leary, ex-Editor of The Skinny

As the world looks to Wikipedia, so the Fringe looks to Fringepig. It’s my guilty, filthy pleasure every August.” – David Johnson, Fringe Producer

An ingenious idea, executed with wit and honesty. Just don’t review this review.” – Isy Suttie

“Well, it’s better than Fest.” – Stewart Lee


Payment Options

Fringepig in print Your ad in both 2017 issues

All these options come with a free web banner ad worth £50

Print: 2017 both editions

full page internal


Print: 2017 both editions

half page internal


Print: 2017 both issues

quarter page internal


Fringepig in print Your ad in 2017's 1st OR 2nd issue

All these options come with a free sidebar ad worth £29

Print: 2017 single edition

full page internal


Print: 2017 single edition

half page internal


Print: 2017 single edition

quarter page internal


Web only Your ad on for the 2017 season.

Web only: Entire 2017 season

Page top banner 500x200


Web only: Entire 2017 season

Sidebar top 300x220


Web only: Entire 2017 season

Sidebar midpoint 300x220